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Nobody sets out to become an addict. Substance abuse and addiction starts somewhere, and in recent years, we can see the problem begin during childhood. Whether it’s a young person exposed to a substance abuse problem by a parent or a close friend, our youth is at the greatest risk of falling into what quickly becomes an uncontrollable habit. We recognize a significant need for Youth Education.

We recognize that all teens face different sources of pressures in relation to drugs and alcohol.  We reach out to schools but also encourage interested schools to contact us.  We are organizing events about substance abuse and addiction in coordination with those schools and their communities, youth organizations, and other venues where young people are most likely to congregate. The aim of TheDryLife’s Youth Education is proactive and preventive in nature. We mean to tackle the problem before it starts by teaching techniques to deal with peer pressure, demonstrating consequences through example, and encouraging youth to set positive examples among their peers.

Some students learn well in classrooms, others in social situations, and still others need something more engaging to command their attention.  TheDryLife’s aim is to provide multifaceted educational opportunities that can reach each of these kinds of students in the Fairfax and Fredericksburg areas of Virginia.  We hope, by engaging in proactive and preventative education about substance abuse and addiction, we can instill in young people values that not only steer them away from addiction and alcohol abuse, but also will serve as a model for positive behavior in their formative years. Any young person who can avoid going down the wrong road is a young person likely to be a role model for his peers and the community at large.

 If you are interested in seeing these kinds of activities at your school, Contact Us and we will work with you to try to make that happen.