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Parents And Teens – Reclaiming Trust And Repairing Damaged Relationships

Your troubled teen is running with the wrong crowd and has become alarmingly defiant and rebellious … again. The messy hair, dingy clothing, and body piercings continue to be the norm. Since your teen has “experimented” with drugs and alcohol…

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Parenting and Teen Substance Abuse Treatment – A Tale of Two Adolescents

One of the professional hats I wear gives me the opportunity to greet adolescents as they are checked into a residential treatment center for substance abuse and addiction. The other day we greeted two individuals who arrived at nearly the…

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Tips For Parenting Your Teen When Talking Isn’t Enough

When it comes to parenting, talk isn’t cheap; it’s often expensive, particularly when it isn’t followed by action. If you’re an adult trying to raise your kid to be your “buddy” or “friend,” then you might as well stop reading…

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