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TheDryLife will host Awareness Events free from the temptations of substance abuse in the different communities around the USA. These events are designed to foster community awareness about substance abuse and addiction. We recognize the impact that addiction has on individuals in recovery, families and friends, and the community at large. We encourage recovering addicts to share personal stories highlighting their struggles and triumphs in overcoming substance abuse.

 We realize that recovery from substance abuse and addiction is a lifelong process. With that fact in mind, we aim to bring recovering addicts and the community together at Awareness Events that teach the risks of substance abuse and addiction, and that point people toward a variety of treatment resources available locally and nationally.

 With the local community in mind, TheDryLife will organize events at a variety of community venues. We will arrange lectures, meetings, and other activities centered around the celebration of recovery. Locations may include parks, fairs, exhibition halls, theaters, universities, and churches.

 Our first Awareness Events will focus on youth and are described here and are targeted towards youth.  In the future, our events will expand to adult populations as well.