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TheDryLife is a registered 501(c)3 organization, chartered in the State of Virginia. We were founded in 2011 to provide services to a community of people grappling with the issues of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. To accomplish this task, we are developing a series of services, one at a time, focusing on these difficulties in a positive, constructive way. In the end, these services will deal with issues of addiction in a holistic, customizable fashion, touching the issue in every step from prevention to treatment.

What makes TheDryLife special is its commitment to employing a variety of known effective programs, personal development exercises, and life skills training. To be successful in our journey, TheDryLife has several programs and programs in development. We believe in growing organically and confidently and take on additional programs one at a time to ensure success in each one. Our first effort was to collect articles from a diverse group of people struggling with the addictions from different perspectives. Please visit our Collective Knowledge page to see our knowledgebase of experiences, and consider contributing your own as well.

Having built a community of people involved with the organization through our Collective Knowledge campaign, we are now expanding to develop awareness events, in which we focus first on youth education. Part of dealing successfully with this issue is to go beyond simply hospitalization and housing, but also focus on education, early intervention, and prevention. We recognize each person as unique, and we want to be sure those who need it are exposed to a variety of tools, so each person can find the one that works best for him or her in developing positive and constructive behaviors. In this way, our Youth Education and Awareness Events are designed specifically to provide a series of ways in which youth can identify with our message and outlets for them to participate in that reinforce positive behaviors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to go one step at a time, one person at a time, until we create a youth which is free of alcohol and drug abuse. Recognizing that every person has a unique background which brought about substance abuse struggle, we combine various educational, inspirational, and practical programs that lead to overcoming difficulties.