Community-Based Drug Addiction Treatment Center

You can find numerous community based drug addiction treatment center programs that are operating in various regions of the United States of America. In addition to general health care centers, there are several other centers giving focus on drug addiction treatment programs like state hospitals, treatment clinics, and de-addiction centers. Some of the treatment centers are managed by non government, voluntary, and non-profit organizations. The community-based addiction treatment programs are also serving addicts residing in different locations in the US.

The main objective of these community-based addiction programs is to reinforce the relationship of an addict with his family and community. These drug addiction treatment centers pursue different avenues of treatment like allopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga and homeopathy coupled with several kinds of psycho therapy to motivate the patient and instill a strong determination to fight against the addiction and regain control over his/her situation. The centers offer a variety of rehabilitation services for treatment against cocaine addiction, heroin addiction and methadone addiction.

If an addict wants to get completely cured from his addiction then he should opt for the appropriate treatment program that provides the favorable result he is seeking. The involvement of the family members or close friends in the treatment process and will have a positive effect on an addict. In order to promote these initiatives, there are numerous de-addiction camps organized regularly at the community level throughout the country by several voluntary associations. Basically, these camps would provide counselling, rehabilitation facilities and primary medical care, especially for addicts in these localities. These camps create therapeutic communities and awareness regarding the options they have amongst the addicts. Apart from this, these camps conduct private meetings for addicts, where they learn from other addicted individuals as to how to lead a normal life and gain freedom from the chains of drug addiction.

Community based treatment centers are effective as they target a focused group of individuals who are addicts or associated with someone who is. They are able to provide solutions more effectively as they have a basic knowledge of the community and the circumstances that could influence individuals to become addicts in that particular area. Generally these treatment centers include a variety of services ranging from detoxification to aftercare programs that effectively cater to the needs of an addict. This treatment model includes non specialist services that can support and guide an addict during emergency situations.

The primary goal of community based drug addiction treatment center is as follows:

Encourage behavioural change in a community.

Active involvement of local community members and organizations in establishing a community based network service for empowerment of addicts,

Integration of rehabilitation and drug treatment programs into community health,

Accountability and sustainability of community,

The community based drug addiction treatment center focus on encouraging the addicts to cultivate their natural instincts to manage their drug addiction and associated problems within a community. The diversified service offered by treatment centers would assure the best possible result for people suffering from drug addiction. The treatment service is available for an addict when and where it is required. The services can be provided in social settings like schools, colleges, local clinics, private homes, or other friendly environment.

However, the services may be limited to as they will not have the adequate resources or funding. In some regions, specific population like youth and others lack treatment options. So in order to provide basic medical care for addicts the government authorities in conjunction with voluntary organizations have incorporated a better treatment program for addicts. Under this project every drug addict can gain access to quality treatment.

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